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Friday, December 5, 2014

Tis the Season To Be Reading...

I think the name of the blog post says it all this week!  It's getting colder outside, school is wrapping up, the Holiday season is kicking into gear, and you are just exhausted!  No worries though, the Library has your back!  This time of year it is important to relax and and what better way to do that than with a nice book, audio book, or ebook!

Doing a lot of reading?  Don't forget to write up a book review for the Teen Winter Reading program!  It's already off to a great start with 10 entries in the first 5 days!  You guys are reading machines!  CLICK HERE for the online book review form.

Next week, I'll be blogging about what will be on my Winter Reading list.  I may not have a few weeks off like you guys, but I do have some time off, and I definitely plan on knocking off a few books from my To Read list!

And on that note, here are a few pictures from the Teen Area after I got the Holiday Bulletin Board up and the TAB members got done decorating it this week... ENJOY!


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Monday, December 1, 2014

Teen Winter Reading Starts NOW!


READ a book - REVIEW it- WIN a Kindle Fire!
WHO? ---> 
  • ALL 6th -12th Grade Students
WHAT? --->
  • Read a book, Write a Review!
  • 1 Book = 1 Review
  • NO LIMIT ON THE NUMBER OF BOOK REVIEWS YOU CAN SUBMIT!!  So read 20 books, write 20 reviews, then you have 20 entries into the Grand Prize Giveaway!
  • I'm looking for AT LEAST 5 THOUGHTFUL SENTENCES.  So that means tell me about the plot, the characters, where it takes place, and why I might want to read it...without giving away the ending!!  No one wants any spoilers!
WHEN? --->
  • get it... I Heart Books, and it ends on Valentines Day?  I'm so funny, I know! 
WHERE? --->
  • You have two options for turning in Book Reviews...
    1. save a tree and use the ONLINE BOOK REVIEW FORM
    2. pick up a paper format the Library and turn it in at the Reference Desk!
WHY? ---> 
  • Because you have a chance to win a KINDLE FIRE!!!
  • There are also a ton of other great prizes like free books, gift cards to Barnes & Noble, and of course, CANDY!
  • PLUS - you get to tell the world about all the great (or not so great) books that you are reading!
Want to see some examples??
Check out what some of your peers have already submitted HERE and find out what people are reading these days!

I know I said this in the very beginning, but....Not an RPLD card holder?  No problem!  I want to encourage EVERY TEEN to read over this winter, so if you are in 6th-12th grade, YOU CAN SUBMIT A BOOK REVIEW!   This is not just a middle school thing, either!  I have lots of LPHS and Conant students every year submit book reviews for a chance to win, so go and review!
    Questions about the program?
    Feel free to email me at or stop by the Library to find out more information.

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Friday, November 14, 2014

Freegal = Free and Legal Downloads...for you to KEEP!

 So I blogged about this back in the beginning of August, but just in case you missed it, I thought I'd highlight this AWESOME database that you have access to with your Roselle Public Library card!

Now, up above, I mention that you get 5 FREE downloads a keep...forever...all for you!  That means each week you can add 5 downloads to your collection.  So let's do the math.  If you were to get on this every week and take advantage of your 5 FREE DOWNLOADS, that's:

5 downloads x 52 weeks a year = 260 FREE SONGS a year

Just for having and using your Roselle Public Library Card!

So you may be thinking, "Yeah, yeah.  Free songs, but they are probably not anything I would want to listen to".  But that's where you'd be wrong!

"Freegal offers access to about 7 million songs, including Sony Music’s catalog of legendary artists. In total the collection is comprised of music from over 28,000 labels with music that originates in over 80 countries."

What does this mean for you??  Access to downloads like Michael Jackson, One Direction, Carrie Underwood, and so much more!  Just click on the artists I just listed to go straight to those albums, log in to Freegal with your Library Card # and your PIN, and you are all set!

And did I mention that you also get 3 hours of streaming music each week!  The awesomeness just doesn't end with this!  So make sure check this out today!  Who knows?  Maybe you will be able to find that song you just can't get out of your head downloaded to your phone (of course there's an APP for this!) or computer so you can listen to it over, and over, and over again!  Yay technology!

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Friday, November 7, 2014

Crafting @ the Library

It's a Crafting Extravaganza!

Hopefully there won't be any actual snow on the ground, despite the snowman I put in the graphic, but next Thursday we will be having a craft program @ the Library to help you get a jump start on making the perfect, personalized holiday gift for everyone in your life.

Duct Tape?  You bet!  Magnets of all kinds?  Yup, we got 'em!  Want to learn how to make your very own beads from recycled magazine pages?  No problem, we have everything you need!  I'm hauling out all sorts of things from the Library craft closet to get your creative minds going this holiday season.

Not able to make it??  Check out some of the great crafting books we have here at the Library located in the 700s section (hint - try starting around the 745's!).  From Duct Tape to paracord, and knitting to how to draw, there's always something to inspire you at the Library!

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Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween!


You may have noticed the scary story book display up in the Teen Area (located on top of the shelves).  It's loaded with books about Zombies, Vampires, Witches, murders, and more!  Halloween is a great time to pick up a scary book, but not all zombie and vampire books are scary.

Take Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion, for example, a true zombie romance if there ever was one!  Or how about Generation Dead by Daniel Waters, another great story about the "living impaired".

Are you looking for something to scare your socks off??  No problem!  Check out Asylum by Madeleine Roux.  Nothing says scary like a former psychiatric hospital turned dorm for a local college!

Looking for a good ghost story?  Look no farther than The Name of the Star by Maureen Johnson.  Find out what happens when the ghost of Jack the Ripper returns to the streets of modern day London! And there's always Anna Dressed in Blood by Kendare Blake, a story about a ghost hunter and the ghost who was different.

Find all of these books and more at the Library today.  After all, you are going to need something to do when you can't sleep because of all the candy you just ate!

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Friday, October 17, 2014

4-H On Display @ the Library!

Have you ever noticed that the display case by the Circulation Desk changes monthly?  From artwork from nearby schools to local groups promoting their cause, there is always something interesting to look at in the display case.

This month is no exception!  Get in during the month of October to see the 4-H display!

Interested in 4-H??  Check out the Dupage County 4-H website HERE.  Here is just a little blurb about 4-H from their website:
There are more than 450 youth in 23 community clubs, Cloverbuds groups, and school groups, throughout DuPage County. Clearly 4-H is not just for rural youth. With over 150 projects areas to choose from, the 4-H club experience gives boys and girls ages 8-18 an opportunity to explore topics of interest, make new friends, develop leadership and life skills, and contribute through community service. 4-H'ers also have the opportunity to partake in events on the county, state, national, and even international levels.
 **Located in the display, you can find the contact information for the 
Roselle Go Gettems 4-H Group!** 

 The display showcases just some of the fun and interesting thing you can discover in 4-H!  

Remember, this is only here through the end of October, so make sure to get in and check it out TODAY!

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Friday, October 10, 2014

Teen Read Week 2014!

Get in - Check it Out - Guess the Number - Read a Book!

I hope you will take a stroll through the YA area this week to participate in the Teen Read Week Candy Contest.  Simply fill out a slip with your name, phone number, grade, and guess!  The three closest guesses win some pretty cool prizes (candy, free books, and more!).  The contest goes all the way through next Sunday October 20, so there is plenty of time to enter.

Guess the How Many Candies in the Jar!

Teen Read Week 2014

The Contest Runs Friday October 10 – Sunday October 19

*Find the candy jar and the entry forms in the YA area*

* All teens are encouraged to guess the total number of candies in the jar.
* Guess as close as you can without going over the number of candies in the jar.
* All entries must be placed in the entry box by 5pm on Oct. 20th to be eligible to win.
* The winner will be chosen from the closest guess or in the event of a tie – the winner will be selected from a drawing from those entries.
* Three prizes will be awarded:
            1. Grand Prize for the closest guess – All the candy in the jar, $5 gift card to Barnes & Noble, and a Free Book!
            2. First Place for the second closest guess - $5 gift card to Barnes & Noble and a Free Book
            3. Runner up for the third closest guess – A Free Book!

** Winners will be notified on Monday October 20 **

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