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Friday, August 24, 2012

Changes in the Teen Area

In case you haven't been in the Young Adult section of the Library in a while, I thought I'd let you know about a few changes in that area. 

First, the big black piano by the YA Manga/Audio Book collection has been removed!  In its place you will now find a study table and chairs, along with the YA magazine collection.  Check it out!  Right by the wall of windows (and next to an outlet so you can plug in your computer) this table area is the perfect place to set up and study.

New Study Space!

Next, the YA NonFiction and the YA Graphic Novels have switched places!  This means you will now find the Graphic Novels on the endcap of the YA area (circled in Green), and the Non Fiction nestled inbetween the Manga and the Audio Books (circled in Red).  They are still really close to where they use to be, so it shouldn't be hard to make the adjustment.  Also, you will see there is more room for both collections to grow.

Finally, some comfy seating has been added right next to the New Book display in the Young Adult area so you can relax and read a great book while you are hanging out at the library.  These might also be a good place to study if you like to study alone, or if you have to read a book for class.

So get into the Library today and check out a book and some of our awesome new changes!


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