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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Challenged vs. Banned?

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Banned Books vs. Challenged Books

So you may be asking yourself, whats the difference between a banned book and a challenged book?  How does said book become banned or challenged?  What does that mean for me?  These are all excellent questions!

First, let's start with the difference between Banned and Challenged.
According to the American Library Association:
  • A challenge is an attempt to remove or restrict materials, based upon the objections of a person or group.
  • A banning is the removal of those materials. 
Challenges do not simply involve a person expressing a point of view; rather, they are an attempt to remove material from the curriculum or library, thereby restricting the access of others.  Due to the commitment of librarians, teachers, parents, students and other concerned citizens, most challenges are unsuccessful and most materials are retained in the school curriculum or library collection.

Ok...Now you you know the difference between Banned or Challenged.
What does this mean for you?

I know you've heard it before a million times, but knowledge really is power!  Now that you know that these types of things exist, you are more aware of them if they happen around you!  Did you happen to see the book list posted yesterday of the top ten most challenged books of 2011?  Did any of those look familiar?  (HUNGER GAMES, anyone??)  Were they books you have already read for class or fun?  Imagine if someone else had decided for you that you were not allowed to read that book!  You would have missed out on something great!  Or maybe not, but that is the beauty of freedom.  It's YOUR CHOICE!

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