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Friday, April 5, 2013

April is National Poetry Month!

Hey there all you teen readers out there!  If you've been in the Library this week, then you've seen my new book display and you know that April is National Poetry Month.  If not, now you know!  Not everyone thinks about poetry in the same way, and April is a chance to explore poetry and all it offers.  Poetry does not necessarily mean lovey-dovey, rhyming prose, although it can.  Poetry can also be free verse (non rhyming), structural like a concrete poem, or like Shakespearean sonnets or Haiku's, it can follow a very specific pattern.  But poetry can also mean novels in verse, and this is personally my favorite kind poetry.

One of my favorite authors who write novels in verse is Ellen Hopkins.  Many of her books focus on  the myriad of problems and obstacles teens must face and hopefully overcome.  She actually started her career in writing novels in verse by writing about her own daughter!  The book that I am talking about is called Crank, and it has won several awards and really jump started her career.  Since that book, she has written several more, and while not all of them focus on her family (Glass and Fallout are the two followup books to Crank) they do focus on older teens and their issues.

Besides anything writeen by Ellen Hopkins (we do own quite a few of her books) here are few other great examples of novels in verse:

     By Carol Lynch Williams
     By Cathy Ostlere
My Book of Life By Angel
     By Martine Leavitt
Shark Girl
     By Kelly Bingham

So try something new this month, and don't be discourage if the book looks like it has a lot of pages...novels in verse read rather quickly, and you might even find yourself wanting more!


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