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Friday, December 6, 2013

Holiday Duct Tape!


Wow!  Another GREAT duct tape program, and a big thanks to those of you who were able to make it to our Holiday Duct Tape program in November.  This time around, we focused on making a bunch of small gifts and gift tags so you could share your love of duct tape with everyone this holiday season!

Not able to make it and you're curious what we made and how to make it?? Read on to find out!  This time we made book marks and gift tags.  Sound boring??  Well we made it fun!  Did you know that you can use sharpie markers to decorate plain white duct tape (or any duct tape for that matter)??  Not good at drawing?  No problem!  Stickers are a great way to embellish a duct tape project!  When we were all done with the markers and stickers, we simply covered it with clear packing tape to make sure nothing fell off or got smeared!  Then use a hole punch at the top, thread through some ribbon, add some beads and bells, and voila!  You have your very own personalized gift to give away!  Don't be afraid of tearing the duct tape into smaller pieces either!  That was how we created the white parts on the gift tags so you could write To and From on there, no matter what color duct tape you used as your background! 

Here are just a few books we have in the collection that have some great instructions for other duct tape projects to try this year:

The Duct Tape Book by Jolie Dobson  NEW NON FICTION 745.5DOB
Stick It! by T.L. Bonnadio  NON FICTION 745.5BON

The possibilities are endless, so happy Duct Tape-ing this holiday season!

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