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Friday, April 4, 2014

Duct Tape Creations!!

WOW!  So first, I'd like to thank everyone who dropped in the Teen Area on Tuesday to make some quick duct tape creations!  They were so quick that everybody was able to make a TON of stuff!  Just check out these pictures...

Each picture is just one person's haul!  
Bangles in every pattern of duct tape, key rings in every pattern, two different styles of bookmarks,  and magnets galore!

If you are interested in trying this at home, make sure to stop by the Teen Are in the next few weeks to pick up a copy of the instructions we used for each project!  They could be something you make for you, or a quick, awesome, personalized gift you make for someone!  Mother's Day is coming up in May, so maybe your mom would like a new key ring, magnet, or bookmark made by YOU!

If you like to challenge yourself, there are lots of Duct Tape book in the library for you to check out more intricate duct tape projects, from bags to book covers, to jewelry to pen toppers!  Here are just a few of the titles that we have in the Library (click on the title link to check the catalog!):

By T.L. Bonaddio

By Jolie Dobson

By Richela Fabian Morgan

So many options, these are just 3 of the MANY Duct Tape books we have on our shelves!  If you like to watch videos of people showing you how to make things, try looking up "duct tape instructions" on YouTube for a TON of different instructions on just about every duct tape project ever (probably not EVERY project ever, but I never fail to find something new!!).

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