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Friday, June 13, 2014

Have you set your Reading Goal yet?

Even though Summer Reading started a few weeks ago, there is still plenty of time to join the program, set your goal, and even still get entered into a chance to win a Brunswick Zone fun pass for you and 5 of your friends to enjoy!

First things first, reading goals.  You may not realize it, but there IS a reason that your schools have you read at least 1 book over the summer, and no, it's not to torture you!  It's a proven fact that reading over the summer helps you maintain all that knowledge that you spent so much time learning this past school year.  Thus school assignments and summer reading programs!

On the bright side, the book (or books) that you have to read for school totally count towards your summer reading goal here at the Library!  So two birds, one stone :)  Everybody wins!  Plus the books you read at the library are FOR FUN, not for tests!  So there's always something a little sweeter about reading books that YOU CHOOSE.

For example, say you have to read a book over the summer for school that is about 300 pages long.  If you set your goal as 1000 pages, then you only have to read 700 more pages, and if you like to read books like Divergent (487 pages!) or The Fault in Our Stars (318 pages!) then BOOM - you're already done!  See how easy that is?

Or lets say you have to read a couple of books for school over the summer, and you set your goal at 7 books, those two (or three...) books count and you only need 5 more.

Did I mention that audio books and graphic novels count too?

Teen Summer Reading = Reading for FUN and PRIZES!

So grab your Roselle Library card and get into the Library today to set your reading goal!  Once you have met your goal you can claim  your finishing prize pack and get entered into the prize giveaways at the end of summer reading!

Meet your goal early and you are still reading??  THAT'S AWESOME!  Fill out bonus sheets for every additional 250 pages or extra book you read on top of your goal to be entered into a separate prize giveaway for some delicious wings from WingStop!

All teens registered by June 16 will get a chance to win a Brunswick Zone Fun Pack...just for signing up!

There is no downside here people, so there is no excuse for me not to see you ALL this summer at the Library! :)

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