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Monday, December 1, 2014

Teen Winter Reading Starts NOW!


READ a book - REVIEW it- WIN a Kindle Fire!
WHO? ---> 
  • ALL 6th -12th Grade Students
WHAT? --->
  • Read a book, Write a Review!
  • 1 Book = 1 Review
  • NO LIMIT ON THE NUMBER OF BOOK REVIEWS YOU CAN SUBMIT!!  So read 20 books, write 20 reviews, then you have 20 entries into the Grand Prize Giveaway!
  • I'm looking for AT LEAST 5 THOUGHTFUL SENTENCES.  So that means tell me about the plot, the characters, where it takes place, and why I might want to read it...without giving away the ending!!  No one wants any spoilers!
WHEN? --->
  • get it... I Heart Books, and it ends on Valentines Day?  I'm so funny, I know! 
WHERE? --->
  • You have two options for turning in Book Reviews...
    1. save a tree and use the ONLINE BOOK REVIEW FORM
    2. pick up a paper format the Library and turn it in at the Reference Desk!
WHY? ---> 
  • Because you have a chance to win a KINDLE FIRE!!!
  • There are also a ton of other great prizes like free books, gift cards to Barnes & Noble, and of course, CANDY!
  • PLUS - you get to tell the world about all the great (or not so great) books that you are reading!
Want to see some examples??
Check out what some of your peers have already submitted HERE and find out what people are reading these days!

I know I said this in the very beginning, but....Not an RPLD card holder?  No problem!  I want to encourage EVERY TEEN to read over this winter, so if you are in 6th-12th grade, YOU CAN SUBMIT A BOOK REVIEW!   This is not just a middle school thing, either!  I have lots of LPHS and Conant students every year submit book reviews for a chance to win, so go and review!
    Questions about the program?
    Feel free to email me at or stop by the Library to find out more information.

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