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Friday, January 23, 2015

Read More Books!

So like always, I'm a little bit late with my New Year's Resolution...but have no fear!  Just because I didn't declare my resolution on January 1st doesn't mean I still can make declarations and changes!!

So what is this late coming resolution??  To READ MORE BOOKS, of course!  More specifically, I would like to read 80 books in 2015!  That means I have to get through AT LEAST 1.5 books PER WEEK to meet my goal.

You may think that because I'm a Librarian, all I do is read books, but the truth is I really have to work at it to fit in all the books I want to read, and there are always a TON of books I don't get to!  As part of my job, I get to go through journals filled with book reviews on the latest and greatest teen reads...what to order, what to read, what to keep an eye out for!  As I'm sure you can imagine, this part of my job is fantastic, but unfortunately it makes my "to read" list a mile long!  I love to read what's new and popular so I can make great recommendations to you guys, but I rely on you guys telling me whats new in interesting too!

A great way for me to get recommendations and to find out about what you are reading is to check out your book reviews!  Conveniently enough, I have set up a handy-dandy ONLINE BOOK REVIEW FORM for you to fill out when ever the mood strikes you!  Bonus!  If you fill out a book review form now through February 14, you will be entered into the prize giveaway drawing for the Teen Winter Reading Program (grand prize = Kindle Fire!!)

So what's your New Year's Resolution??  Read more?  Join more clubs?  Study harder?  Learn how to knit/crochet?  No matter what your resolution is, we have something here at the Library that can help you meet your goal!!

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