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Saturday, April 18, 2015

How do you deal with the Rising Cost of College??

We all love money, right??  But I'm betting the number one problem most of us have is NOT HAVING enough money!  Not enough to buy a car (or put gas in it!), not enough to go shopping and buy that new pair of shoes, not enough to get the next best video game that is coming out, and especially not enough to cover the cost of going to college!!

But wait!

What if I told you the Roselle Public Library was having a program specifically for YOU to learn more about the rising cost of college and what YOU can do to make sure you can afford to go??  Would you jump up and down with joy?  Would you cry tears of relief?

Well don't worry, all you really have to do is sign up, show up, and learn all about it!

7-8 PM

Thomas J. Jaworski of Quest College Consulting is back, and he will share his expertise & insights on the rising cost of college.  In this presentation he will help with:
  • how to break down the cost of college
  • understanding the financial aid/scholarship aspect of the college search process
  • providing tips on how to maximize your dollar for college
This program, designed for both parents and students, is interactive so please bring your smart device (phone or tablet).

So no more excuses!  Bring a parent, bring a friend, and don't forget to bring your smart phone!

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