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Friday, March 11, 2016

Screenwriting 101 For Teens

Screenwriting 101
Wednesday, April 20 4:00-5:00 PM
Registration Required!

Teen movie makers! Learn the basics of film story structure and Hollywood screenplay format. We’ll get you ready to write the movie that’s in your head.

Registration opens April 1st.

Register Online 

Or by phone: (630) 529-1641

We hope you join us for what should be a fun and interesting program. As a preview, we wanted to introduce you to some of the resources we'll be going over. (Adults, who are ineligible to attend but have some interest in this topic, may also want to explore the following links.)

Free Screenwriting Software (Cloud-based)

A screenplay is a heavily formatted form of story that has some very specific industry standards for how it must look on the page. Specialized software can make the task of applying the formatting painless and even fun. During this program, we'll do a quick overview of one of the most powerful free screenwriting programs, Celtx.

Screenplay Formatting Guide
The Academy of Motion Picture of Arts & Sciences (the folks who bring us the Oscars), have a handy guide to screenplay formatting available online.
Formatting Guide

Sample Scripts to Read
There are quite a few sites where you can download complete professional Hollywood screenplays, so you can study how they are written.
10 Great Websites to Download Screenplays

TV Tropes
Okay, this one is just for fun. A catalog of all the ideas that get recycled over and over again in movies and TV. Reading them can give you ideas as a writer for what to do, and maybe what not to do. "Boy meets girl" is a trope everyone knows, but do you know "Doppelganger Crossover?"
TV Tropes

Three Act Structure
Here is an example of the most common kind of screenplay story structure, "Three Act Structure."

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